3M Peltor MT20H682FB-47 SV SwatTac V Black Foldable Headset

3M Peltor

3M MT20H682FB-47 SV
Brand: 3M Peltor
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MT20H682FB-47 SV

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Product Description

3M Peltor MT20H682FB-47 SV SwatTac V Black Foldable Headset


 3M PELTOR SwatTac V headset, foldable, single lead, standard dynamic mic, NATO wiring


This SwatTac version is Black - available in Brown and Green


3M PELTOR SwatTac V has Omni-directional microphones and high fidelity speakers that are optimized to transmit voice communication and can pick up sounds with great sensitivity with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for clear and accurate sound replication. The result is a more natural sounding headset with unmatched sound clarity.



  • Foldable headband
  • Single lead
  • Noise Cancelling (IP68) Speech Microphone for Communication in Noise
  • Omni Directional Environmental Microphones for Level Dependent Situational Awareness
  • Level Dependent, Electronic Hearing Protection to Help Protect from Impulse and Steady State Noise
  • Rugged 3M PELTOR™ Design for Trusted Performance
  • Mission Audio Profile (MAP) to Select Audibility Settings Based on Anticipated Noise Exposure


A new, modern rubberized headband that’s easy to remove if the user wants to convert to ARC adapters (or convert back to a headband). It features increased environmental resistance in maritime environments

The new boom mic greatly improves audio transmissions with 18dB of noise cancellation vs the 6dB provided by the previous microphone measured at 10mm distance, normalized for 0db at 1khz.

Increased EMI/RF shielding within cables and around circuits significantly reduce the effects of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

The SwatTac V utilizes a 4 pin U-174 plug and will connect directly into your existing PELTOR push-to-talk radio adapters for complete backwards compatibility with PELTOR push to talk adapters.


3M Peltor FL4000 series Push to Talk radio adapters available (sold separate)

  • New, low-profile radio adapter designed with\tactical operators in mind
  • Swivel, MOLLE clip
  • Connection to Military 6-Pin Radio or Motorola APX Series Radios
  • PTTs are designed to fit the size and shape of
  • either hand
  • PTTs can be used with a gloved hand
  • Headset Connection serves as a break-away connector for removal in emergency situations
  • Tested for cross-talk in DUAL COMM Configuration