Galaxy DX 55F 10 Meter Radio w/ Blue LED and Dual Mosfet

Brand: Galaxy
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Galaxy DX55F 10 Meter Radio 45 Watt Mid-Size Chassis


The Galaxy DX55F CB radio for sale is smaller, yet it's almost exactly the same as the older Galaxy DX 55V radio. The new "F" series differs only slightly in features, but doesn't sacrifice any power or performance. This model has ditched the FM mode and clarifier control of the older model, but all the other features are the same. What is gained is a built-in automatic SWR meter, a feature the older model lacked. And most importantly, it's still powered by dual MOSFET transistors for at least 45 watts PeP power output. 



Mid-size chassis (7.25" wide) 10 meter radio with AM, Dual Mosfet Output, Starlite Back-Lit Faceplate, Blue 5 Digit Frequency Counter, 2 Digit Blue Channel Indicator, Automatic SWR Circuit, High SWR LED Indicator, RX/TX LED Indicator, +10KHz Circuit, Bright/Dim, Front Mount 4 Pin Microphone, Rear PA & External Speaker Jacks.