ICOM BC197 37 110V Six Unit Charger for F50/F60/M88


ICOM BC197 37
Brand: ICOM
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BC197 37

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Product Description

ICOM BC197 37 110V Six Unit Charger for F50/F60/M88


The Icom BC197 series gang or multi-unit charger is ideal for charging several radios simultaneously and to also keep them well-organized. It is a compact, non-fussy unit that eliminates all those messy individual chargers and power cords clutter. 

Includes AC adapter and charging cups installed


Features :

  • Microprocessor-controlled function
  • 6 charger units can hold six radios at the same time
  • For Icom F50, F60, and M88 series radios
  • Switching Power Supply BC-157S
  • Designed for powering BP265 Ni-MH batteries only
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Comes included with an AC Adapter, Charger base with AD-121 charging cups and Power Cord
  • LED indicators