ICOM CSF3160/F5060 Series Programming Software


ICOM CSF3160/F5060
Brand: ICOM
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Product Description

ICOM CSF3160/F5060 Series Programming Software


The ICOM CSF3160/F5060 is a comprehensive programming software developed by Icom America


This cloning software is designed to perform data entry, setting and cloning for the following radios:

  • F3161/F4161 handheld radios
  • F3261D/F4261D handheld radios
  • F5061/F6061 mobile radio


Requires OPC-966 (for F3161/F4161 series) OPC-1122U (F5061/F6061 series) or OPC-1862U (F3261/F4216 series) programming cable


For older F5061 series radios only, using CSF5060 cloning software, version 1.1 or less. Current F5061 radios with version 2.2 firmware use EX-2986C


CS-F5060 v1.1  CS-F5060 Adj v1.0