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ICOM Eclipse2 P25 + Analog Radios

  • ICOM Eclipse2 P25 + Analog Radios
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Manufacturer Part#:
Product Weight (Actual):
3.19 LBS

Product Description

ICOM Eclipse2 P25 + Analog Radios

The Icom's Eclipse2 comes with an embedded software which makes it analog and P25 technology compliant. It delivers impressive analog performance and provides a wide coverage range with 256 channels. The radio can be operated in various modes and upgraded from analog to digital when it is used with a repeater.
The radio features IP Commander which allow you to do drag and drop editing. It is very easily operable with a trace menu and just requires a button click to enable its features. The configuration of the radio can be programmed as desired. This radio also features pre-tuned transmission and receiver module for complete frequency range. Its signal path's level can be adjusted through the embedded software.


  • Remote diagnostics over Ethernet
  • Radio over IP (VoIP)
  • In Base voting over IP
  • TIA APCO P25 AFSI/DFSI compliant
  • SNMP and systole functionality
  • P25 advanced conventional
  • Upgradeable software
  • Analog and P25 auto detect
  • Field proven robust hardware
  • Full duplex base station or repeater
  • Software upgradable to P25
  • Local voice reporting
  • Individual channel profiles
  • In base voting over IP network
  • Smart signal and noise detection
  • Self-calibration in real time
  • External reference input for simulcast/paging
  • Remotely configurable via IP
  • Front panel mounted USB programming socket
  • Upgradeable flash firmware
  • Remote alarm logging using RFC 3164 protocol
  • Broadband high efficiency LDMOS PA module
  • RX and TX switching BW covers full sub band
  • Cross band capabilities
  • Low RFI and EMI emission design
  • Low current consumption with full operating system
  • Latest technology, full SMD
  • Advanced and optimized RF design
  • Minimal technician adjustments for future maintenance
  • Built on proven technology
  • Virtual elimination of internal wiring
Included with Eclipse2 repeater:
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty: 1 year 

Main Features

1.45 Kg
Dimensions (Width) 2UW=62 mm (2 7⁄16 in.):
Mounting Rack:
4U high 19 inch 4.55 Kg
Blank Front Panel:
Available in I UW, 3UW, 4UW width
+13.8 Vdc or 120/240 volt, 50/60 Hz ac with SMPS12 power supply or PS12 power supply
Channel Capacity:
256 channels BCD coded 0-255
Tone Squelch:
Fully programmable, one EIA Tone per channel
Windows® or Linux, through serial port, USB or Ethernet
IP Commander
Test and Diagnostics:
Front panel test connector USB via Ethernet and ALM, SQ, TX and PWR LEDs
Audio Response:
Selectable flat or 750uSec pre/de - emphasis
Audio Interface:
Standard 600 Ohm 0dBm balanced and Hi- Z unbalanced
Frequency spread:
Full band (Series 150), 10 MHz (Series 500)
Frequency stability:
±1 ppm
Power output adjustable:
0.5 to 5 Watt
Power regulation:
± 10% from 12-16 Vdc, 0 to 50 deg C. all channels
Duty cycle:
100% to 40 deg C. temp -30 to +60 C
Carrier and Modulation Attack time:
20 mSec
Spurious and harmonics:
Less than -36dBm (0.25 uW)
Audio response:
+1 to -3 dB 300 to 3000 Hz
Audio distortion:
ess than 3% at 60% system deviation at 1KHz
Residual Hum and Noise relative to 60% system deviation:
Less than -50dB
Audio input level:
600 Ohm line, -30 to +10 dBm Hi -Z input, 25 mV to 1 Vms Subtone input compatible with receivers Test microphone, 6 mV ms at 200 Ohms
Remote Keying:
DC Opto-coupled Input
Exteranl Ref. option:
Allows the transmitter to be phase locked to an external 1 MHz reference
VCO unlock, tuning voltage, signal strength, external mute, alarms and supply voltage via password protected via IP Commander software
Frequency stability:
1 ppm standard (TCXO) temp -30 to +60C
Frequency spread for 1dB degradation:
38 MHz(Series 150) 10 MHz (Series 500)
0.25μV (119 dBm) for 12 dB Sinad, 0.35 μV (-119 dBm) for 20 dB Quieting
Spurious and image:
Rejection 90 dB
80 dB at 25 KHz spacing per RS -204 -C, 75 dB at 12.5 KHz spacing
80 dB per RS -204-C
Modulation acceptance:
7.5 and 3.75 KHz
software adjustable from 6 to 26 dB Sinad Carrier squelch, adjustable from 1 to 200 μV
Audio response:
+1 to 3 dB 300 to 3000 Hz
Audio level:
600 Ohm line adjustable from -10 to +10 dBm Monitor output, 3 watts at 4 Ohms Discriminator and subtone output 1 V peak at 100% system deviation
Audio distortion:
COS output:
Opto-coupled + 12V, GND and free switch connections
VCO Unclock, tuning voltage, signal strength, external mute, alarms and supply voltage via password protected via IP Commander software