ICOM IC-78 100W HF Transceiver


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Brand: ICOM

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Product Description

ICOM IC-78 HF Transceiver


Innovative features such as 99 memory channels, high C/N ratio, direct channel entering, data communication capabilities and more, offer easy operation for anyone. Its one-piece, die-cast aluminum construction combined with a large heat sink, helps keep internal temperatures down and ensures that operation is stable at high duty cycles



  • 99 channels with 8 digit channel name capacity
  • 100W output power
  • Front mounted loud speaker
  • Flexible filter selection
  • 10 key pad
  • Cloning capability
  • 2-tone alarm
  • Built-in mic. compressor increases average talk power
  • Complete CW features
  • Variety of scanning function types
  • IF shift interference rejection
  • Built-in antenna tuner control circuit and selectable antenna tuner
  • VOX capability


The IC-78 is equipped with a large easy-to-read LCD. A minimum number of switches and controls allow for superior feature selectability. Keys access functions directly–there’s no secondary function key. A 4-element system is employed for the 1streceive mixer, providing superior receive IMD, especially from in-band, nearby interfering signals. A well-designed double-con-version system to help minimize image and spurious responses for better signal fidelity, is also built-in.


With the speaker facing the operator, audio sounds can be clearly heard without im-pediment during operation. It is no longer necessary to manually increase the volume to try and capture audio sounds.


To reduce pulse-type noise, a level adjustable noise blanker is built-in. Various levels of pulse-type noise, such as from car ignitions, etc., can be reduced. pre-amplifier and an RF attenuator are adopted for more pleasant reception. Convenient when weak signals or extremely strong signals are received, to present better quality readability.



  • IC-78 HF transceiver
  • Hand microphone
  • Spare fuses
  • DC power cable