Kenwood Promotion Rebate 92460



Promotion rebates will be sent in the form of Prepaid Card valued from $10-$30 per radio purchased will be sent by mail with purchase of each qualifying ProTalk model radio during the promotion period April 01 2021 - July 31 2021


Eligible models for this promotion PKT-23 ($10 per radio), TK-3000 ($20 per radio), NX-P1200AVK* ($30 per radio), NX-P1200NVK ($30 per radio), NX-P1202AVK* ($30 per radio)NX-P1300AUK* ($30 per radio), NX-P1300NUK ($30 per radio), and NX-P1302AUK* ($30 per radio) series radios.


 *NXP1000 series analog models only qualify for rebate purposes when purchased with digital upgrade license key programmed into the radio - NXP1200NVK / NXP1300NUK digital models of the NXP1000 series purchased as is qualify for the promotion. Please email [email protected] for any questions about this promotion


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