Kenwood TK3230DX UHF Two Way Radio Six Pack


KW TK3230DX 6 Pack
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Kenwood TK3230DX UHF Protalk XLS Radio 6 Pack

TK3230DX Model


TK3230DX UHF Model
only. . .$164.00 each radio

Compare to Motorola
CLS1110, CLS1410, VL50,
Many Spirit Models.




  • KNB-46L 2,000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • KSC-37S 2.5 Hour Charger
  • KBH-14 Belt Clip
  • 2-year Warranty Card






TK3230DX Features :

6 Channels
99 frequencies
IP54 rated
Privay codes 39 (QT) / 168 (DQT) code settings
1.5w /.5w switchable output
Built-in VOX
Power On Tone
Channel Scan
Built-in Privacy Talk
Key Lock/Super Lock
Battery Saver
10-call Alert Tone
Busy Channel Lockout
Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.07 x 4.07 x 1.13 inch (52 x 103.5 x 28.7 mm)
5.5 oz with battery






Kenwood TK3230DX ProTalk XLS

ProTalk XLS TK-3230DX is an easy-to-use, UHF portable two-way radio is compact, lightweight, and comfortable to use blending seamlessly into the business work environment. The TK-3230DX is ready for use immediately after purchase. It comes with essential accessories including a fast charger, 2,000 mAh Li-ion battery and a belt clip.

The Kenwood TK3230DX ProTalk XLS features 1.5-watt of power and has 6 preset UHF preset channels that can be set to any of the 99 pre-stored frequencies. There are 38 conventional sub-channels/privacy tones and 83 additional digital sub-channels/privacy tones. 

Stronger, smaller and longer talk time...these are the attributes of Kenwood’s new TK3230 XLS ProTalk miniature portable radio.  The TK3230DX is a UHF 6 channel on-site radio that is perfect for communications in and around an industrial job site. Its new housing design is EXTRA durable, weighs only 5.5 ounces and offers an incredible up to 18 hours of talk time. The TK3230 XLS offers progressive features such as wireless cloning, FleetSync PTT ID display (Selcall, Group, All Call) and multiple signaling formats.  This new model, like all Kenwood radios, is designed with Kenwood's renowned audio and is tough enough to qualify for rigid Military Standard qualifications.


The New TK3230DX with Li-Ion Battery Portable Radio :

The TK3230DX radio is a compact 1.5 Watt portable radio designed for industrial job site communications. It offers 6 channels in UHF frequency bands. The TK-3230DX has 99 pre-programmed frequencies which can be selected on the radio. The 99 UHF pre-programmed frequencies are the same as those offered on the UHF ProTalk TK-3200P series.

Compatibility :

The new Kenwood TK3230 portable uses the same 2-pin connector for audio accessories as the 160/170/200/02/60/70/72 Series and the ProTalk Series. The new KSC-37 2.5-Hour Fast Charger is a single chemistry charger and is only compatible with the KNB-46L battery. The KSC-37 charging cup has been designed to fit with the new KMB-27 Multi-Charger.

FleetSync PTT Caller ID :

KENWOOD’s FleetSync digital signaling system includes PTT ID digital Alphanumeric Number Identification (ANI) for instant radio call identification. FleetSync also includes caller ID display and selective calling (Individual call, group call and Broadcast call).

Feature Definition: “Wireless Cloning” :

The TK3230DX design advancement allows the cloning of multiple portables by a single portable with a simple “push of a button”...with no cables or wires attached! Any single TK3230 portable can become a “master” unit by enabling its cloning mode using the radio controls in a prescribed sequence. Once activated, the “master” radio will clone its contents into all receptive “slave” units within an immediate area (office or room sized). Cloning contents include frequencies, signaling, and radio functionality other than FleetSync functions.

Mil-Spec Standards :

This tough compact TK3230 qualifies for 8 categories of the Mil-Spec standards MIL810C/D/E/ F.

Included with the Kenwood ProTalk TK3230DX 6 Pack :

  • 6 KNB-46L 2,000mAh Li-Ion battery
  • 6 KSC-37S 2.5-Hour Fast Charger Included in the box from Kenwood
  • 6 KBH-14 Belt Clip
  • 6 2-year Warranty Card

Kenwood TK3230DX Specifications:

Dimensions: 4.07" H x 2.07" W x 1.13" D
Weight (with battery): 5.5 oz. (155 g)


What others think about the Kenwood-TK3230DX-UHF-Protalk-XLS-Radio?

This is an excellent two way radio with long battery life and clear reception. It’s perfect for use in the office or between buildings at a larger business or on industrial job sites. The wireless cloning feature is extremely convenient because it allows for any unit to become a master unit, making it easier to program the radios from job to jobOne thing that I really love is that accessories from other Kenwood units can work with this one so there’s no need to replace everything. They also come with a charger and belt clip. 


Other Details

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