Motorola VX-2200-G7-45 UHF Mobile Radio

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Manufacturer Part #:
450 - 512 MHz UHF
Included Power Supply:
MT9021010 / 45 Watt
128 Channels
8 Character Display

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Product Description

Motorola VX-2200-G7-45 UHF Mobile Radio

Full Band Coverage and High-Power Performance

The VX-2200 Series are full-featured FM transceiver designed for flexible mobile and base station business communications in UHF Land Mobile bands. These transceiver are designed for reliable business communications in a wide variety of applications with a wide range of operating capability provided by their leading-edge design

Features :                                                            Includes :

  • 128 Channels
  • 45 Watt UHF
  • UHF : 450 - 512 MHz
  • 6 Programmable Keys
  • 8 Character Numeric Display (VX-2200)
  • VX-2200 45 Watt UHF Radio
  • MH-67A8J Palm Mic
  • MT9021010 Power Supply
  • Mounting Bracket


Compact Size Takes Up Less Space
Easy to install and occupies less space for driver convenience.
When Safety Counts
A variety of safety features included :
Emergency alert for enhanced driver safety. A panic button can be triggered by the front panel button to alert the dispatcher when problems arise.

Remote listen can be used by the dispatcher/operator to hear what is going on in the vehicle when the driver is not responsive.

Horn alert capability enables base station operator to issue a 2-Tone, 5-Tone or DTMF signal remotely to activate the car’s horn to go off as an additional emergency alert to draw attention to the vehicle.

More Scanning Options
Priority, Dual Watch, Follow-Me, Follow-Me Dual Watch and Talk Around scan. Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS), designed to inform the user when out of communication range with another ARTS-equipped station. If out of range more than 2 minutes, the radio senses no signal and beeps to alert the user. The base station can then alert the field unit to move back into range. A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.
Additional Features
  • 2-Tone Encode and Decode 
  • 5-Tone Signaling 
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode 
  • DTMF Paging 
  • Stun / Kill / Revive (5-tone) 
  • Lone Worker 
  • D-Sub 15 Pin Accessory Connector 
  • Public Address 
  • Radio-to-Radio Cloning 

  • Rolling Code Encryption
  • Voice Inversion Encryption 
  • Voice Inversion Encryption and DTMF Paging 
  • MDC-1200 / GE-STAR ANI Encode


Other Details

Frequency 450 - 512 MHz UHF
Included Power Supply MT9021010 / 45 Watt
Channels 128 Channels
Display 8 Character Display