PRYME BTH-600-ZELLO Heavy Duty Bluetooth Speaker Mic


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Product Description

PRYME BTH-600-ZELLO Heavy Duty Bluetooth Speaker Mic

HEAVY DUTY and water resistant bluetooth speaker microphone with built-in wireless PTT - For smart devices running the ZELLO PoC App

Includes charger and charging cable

Bluetooth (wireless) version the STORM TROOPER series Remote Speaker Microphone.  The BTH-600 is more robust and weather resistant than other similar Bluetooth Speaker Mics (also lower priced). More than 40 hours of talk time (30 days of Standby), easy pairing, no connectivity loss, and fully functional PTT

Other features include a Waterproof Front-Facing Speaker, Directional Noise Cancelling Microphone, Heavy Duty Clothing/Belt Clip that swivels 360°, and strategically placed Pairing and Low-Battery Warning Lights on the side of the microphone, protected by a weather-proof lens. Lightweight and easy to use. The unit is multi-functional, featuring a broad-range Volume Control, 3.5mm earphone Jack, and Rechargeable/Replaceable Battery (comes with universal USB Wall Charger and Cable). It can be paired with several Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth compatible mobile phones (PTT function supported only on PrymeBLU compatible devices)

Features :

  • For smart devices using ZELLO push over cellular app
  • Wireless Bluetooth version STORM TROOPER Remote Speaker Mic.
  • Great sounding transmit and receive audio, just like the wired version
  • Dust/Weather/Rain Resistant to IP56
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone element
  • Typical Operation Range: 10 Meters
  • Talk time: 40+ hours.  Standby 30 days
  • Simple operation, power and PTT switches and Volume UP/DOWN
  • Built-in 3.5mm earphone jack (use any 3.5mm earphone or our LOOKOUT, RECON, or SCOUT models)
  • Includes wall charger and micro USB charging cable (charging cable can also be used with most USB style charging adapters including Car Chargers.)
  • 1 year warranty