PRYMEBLU BT-M02J Bluetooth Mobile Radio Adapter for Kenwood

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Product Description

PRYMEBLU BT-M02J Bluetooth Mobile Radio Adapter for Vertex

MOBILE RADIO Bluetooth Adapters - Now powered from radio with wireless Tx & Rx audio and multiple PTT Options
These Adapters allow you to use a compatible wireless Bluetooth headset or other audio accessory with a MOBILE two-way radio. Now improved, these adapters get power from the radio and now provide both Transmit and Receive Audio. The adapter's interface cable plugs directly into either the microphone jack on the front of your radio or the accessory connector on the rear of the radio (depending on radio model). The BT-Mobile works with thousands of off-the-shelf Bluetooth headsets or our specialty headsets (not included)

Base price without wired or Wireless PTT.

KIT1 includes wireless push to talk BT-PTT2

KIT2 includes wired push to talk footswitch PTT-FS2

Features :

  • Allows you to use a Bluetooth headset on your mobile 2-way radio
  • Now upgraded!  These new versions allow you to transmit and Receive the radio audio on your Bluetooth Headset
  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets (not included)
  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the Radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the 2-way radio
  • No time delay on Transmit Audio messages
  • Now powered directly from the mobile radio.  No battery to charge!


Basic unit has push button PTT and can be mounted up on dash or other easy to reach location
This version is compatible with Vertex Mobile Radios:VX-1400/2100 /2200/ 4100/4200 /4500 and VX-4600.

Uses both RJ45 Mic Jack and rear speaker jack