1 Shot Vehicle Mount Single Unit Charger


KLN 1-Shot-VM
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Product Description

1 Shot Vehicle Mount Single Unit Chargerklein3yearwarranty.jpg

Two-Way Radio 1-Shot 1-Unit Charger

1-Shot single unit charger with Vehicle Mount

  • Includes a removable steel plate with mounting screws to install in vehicle.
  • Ruggedized base for radio pod and adjustable velcro strap for various sized radios.
  • Easy-Swap Interchangeable battery pods with Bull-Cord Detachable Car Charger.
  • True Rapid-Rate Charging Cycle
  • Charges Nicad, NiMH, Lithium Ion batteries (Tri-Chem).
  • Heavy duty durable design of polycarbonate plastic.
  • 15V 900mA charge power per station.
  • Agency approvals: UL, CE, CUL.
  • Charge just the battery, or with the radio attached.

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Bantam Bantam Radios
BB Blackbox: Blackbox-V, Blackbox-U
BB+ BlackBox: BlackBox+ VHF/UHF
F3 Icom: F3, F4, F3S, F4S, IC-T2A
F1000/F2000 F1000, F2000, V88, U88, F1000S, F1000T, F2000S, F2000T, F29SR, F29
F3001/4001 Icom: F3001, F4001 NI-CD and NI-MH battery only
F3001/F4001-LI Icom: F3001, F4001 Li-ion battery only
F14 Icom:F14, F24, F33GT, F43GT, F43GS, F33, F44, F3161, F4161, F3161DT, F3021T, F3021S, F4021T, F4021S, F3011, F4011
F50 Icom: F50, F60, IC-M88
F70 Icom: F70, F70DS/DT, F70S/T, F80, F80DS/DT, F80S/T, F9011, F9021
ICF3GT Icom: F3GT, F4GT, F30, F40, F30GS, F40GS, F21S
F3001 Icom: F3001, F4001
SL100 Maxon: SL100, SP200 radio
SP120 Maxon: SP120, SP130, SL25, SL55
APX Motorola: APX6000/7000 radios
VISAR Motorola: Visar radios
SABER Motorola: Saber, MX1000 radios
MAGONE Motorola: MagOne (BPR40) Bearcom BC130
RDX Motorola: RDX Series Radios, CP110
CT250 Motorola: CT250 radios
CP100 Motorola: XTN Series, CP100, XU/XV2600
CP125 Motorola: CP125, GP2000, PRO2150, Bearcom BC120
CP200 Motorola: CP200/150/040, EP450, PR400 radios
CP185 Motorola: Motorola CP 185
GP300 Motorola: GP300/350 P1225
HT1000 Motorola: HT1000, MTS2000, GP900
HT750 Motorola: HT750, HT1250, GP320, GP328, GP360, EX500, EX600
XTS3000 Motorola: XTS3000, XTS5000 radios
TRBO Motorola: Motorola TRBO, XPR, XPR3500/3300
XT460 Motorola: XT460, RMN, RMU
TC518 HYT TC518
TC610 Kenwood: HYT TC610, 610P
TK2140 Kenwood: TK2140, 2160, 2170, 3140, 3160, 3170, 3173, NX220, 320
TK2200 Kenwood: TK2200, TK3200 (now fits KNB45L battery), TK3200L, TK2300, TK3300, TK2212, TK3212
TK260 Kenwood/Relm: Relm RP16, RP99 Plus series radios. Kenwood TK190/260/270/280/290/360/370/380/390/480/481/2100/3100 radio
TK3180 Kenwood: TK3180, TK2180, TK5410, TK5310, TK5210, NX200, NX210, NX300
XT900 TEKK: XT800, XT900 radio
VX350 Vertex: VX350, VX230 radio
VX160 Vertex: VX131/132/160/150/180/210/400/410/800 radio
VX450 Vertex : VX450 Radio
VX820 Vertex: 820/821/824/920/921/924 radio
EVX Vertex EVX Radios