Kenwood Digital NX-P500 UHF Two Way Radio


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Product Description

 Kenwood Digital NX-P500 UHF Two Way Radio 


Kenwood Digital NX-P500 Digital Business Two Way Radios Pocket Size Radio

The NX-P500 is a small, light and powerful UHF digital transceiver with mixed mode capability allowing for digital and analog communications for interoperability. Ideal for business, retail, hospitality, education and the restaurant industry. Put your employees in touch with each other instantly and raise the level of communication for better service. A stronger collaboration through communication increases team work quality.



NX-P500 ProTalk Digital Business Two Way Radio

The NX-P500 UHF digital radio sports a small profile with powerful performance. 2W maximum transmission output makes for easy reception even in open spaces.


Mixed Mode Analog and Digital :

Equipped with Mixed Mode that enables communication with both analog and digital units, making the switch to digital operations go smoothly.


Rugged Accessory Connector

One pin screw in accessory adapter makes sure you always have a good correction. Weather proof so you can talk confidently and worry free about your environment


Wireless Customized Programming

Custom programmable user software allow you the ability to customize a radio to your particular needs. With our exclusive wireless cloning, once you’ve program one radio you can easily clone surrounding radios wirelessly.


Mil-Spec Standards :

This tough compact NX-P500 qualifies for 8 categories of the Mil-Spec standards MIL810C/D/E/ F.


Features :

  • All in one package
  • Dual Mode NXDN digital & FM Analog
  • 2watt Output Power
  • 750mW Speaker Output
  • 15.5 hour long battery life
  • 5.6oz light weight
  • Second PTT
  • 6CH Preprogrammed
  • 7-Color Large LED indicator
  • Voice Announcement
  • VOX/Semi-Vox Operation
  • Power-on LED
  • Wireless Clone
  • Free Programming Software
  • IP54/55/67 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G


What others think about the Kenwood NX-P500 UHF Digital Protalk Radio?

This is an excellent two way radio with long battery life and clear reception. It’s perfect for use in the office or between buildings at a larger business or on industrial job sites. The wireless cloning feature is extremely convenient because it allows for any unit to become a master unit, making it easier to program the radios from job to job. One thing that I really love is that accessories from other Kenwood units can work with this one so there’s no need to replace everything. They also come with a charger and belt clip.