PRYME LMC-1EH31 Pro Grade Lapel Mic Kenwood


Brand: PRYME
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Product Description

Pryme LMC-1EH31 Pro Grade Lapel Mic Kenwood 

Designed with a price right for every application, while still possessing advanced features and quality

PRO-GRADE Series LMC-1GH Series Lapel Microphone with Soft Ear Hook Earpiece that can be used on either ear and is easy to clean and use. A new brand line of products specifically designed for more cost-sensitive customers. Recommended for Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Security

Features :

  • Comfortable hook style earpiece can be used on either left or right ear
  • Large speaker delivers clear, crisp audio
  • Speaker can be easily cleaned for comfort or hygiene
  • Clip-on microphone unit includes PTT and stainless steel clip that rotates 360º for easy use
  • Straight cables are very flexible and easy to use
  • Molded strain reliefs help protect cables from excessive bending and pulling
  • High quality speaker microphone delivers loud, crisp audio
nxp500.pngCompatible Kenwood NX-P500