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Kenwood Current Rebate PRO-83460

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Kenwood Current RebateTo claim your rebate, register online at: https://protalk.rebateaccess.com

1. Access the rebate by entering offer code PRO-83406.

2. Complete and submit the online rebate form.

3. Include a copy of the invoice from your Authorized Kenwood Dealer or Distributor dated between 04/01/18 and 07/31/18.

4. Rebate claim information must be submitted on or before August 15,2018. For assistance, please call 1-800-953-3098.

Kenwood Rebate

Kenwood Current Rebate PRO-26130

  THIS KENWOOD REBATE OFFER ENDS SATURDAY DEC 31ST, 2016   HiTechWireless wanted to remind everyone that the 2016 Two-Way Radio Rebate Offer from Kenwood expires soon.  The offer is good for $20 - $40 savings per unit on a six pack or more purchase of select new Kenwood ProTalk TK Series Two-way radios.  Each model is available for purchase online at HiTechwireless.com ProTalk Series [...]

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Kenwood Fall Rebate PRO-26130

Kenwood Rebate PRO-26130Kenwood has a new promotion on select ProTalk Series Radios, giving Cash Back, and Free Multi Charger or choice of headset on orders of 6 or moreon qualifying modelsRecieve $20-$35 rebate per radio with purchase of six (6) radios to a maximum of sixty (60) radios on TK-2402V16P, TK-3402U16P, TK-2400V4P, TK-2400V16P, TK-3400U16P, NX240V16P,NX340U16P, PKT-23K, and TK-3230 Kenwood RadiosThe [...]

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Comfit Pro Audio Single Wire Boom Microphone

Comfit Pro Audio Single Wire Boom Microphone - Now in stock!!!The Comfit features a lightweight microphone that contrours to the face, adjustable earloop, and Pro Audio Boom that stays in place with flat push to talk button.

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​Featured Radio: Midland 75-822 40 Channel Hand Held CB Radio

You don’t hear a lot about CB radio since the advent of cell phones. When a person mentions the term, “CB radio,” it is often in conjunction with the term, “trucker.” While it is true that CB radios are most frequently used by truckers, when you look at the reasons why they use them, you will see that many [...]

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​Motorola CLS1410 vs. Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio

Two-way radios are essential for any group of people that needs to be in constant communication in a particular area. Many businesses drastically increase the productivity of their workforces by setting up a two-way radio system. If you decide to set up a two-way radio system for your business, you should consider either the Motorola CLS1410 or the Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Moving from Analog to Digital Two-Way Radio Technology

It's quickly becoming a digital world, and two-way radio technology is certainly no exception. Improvements in audio quality and performance in two-way radio communication has unveiled digital technology on the two-way radio scene. Cutting-edge digital platforms haven't made older, dependable analog platforms obsolete -- yet -- but it may be an inevitability worth considering. Two-way radios are constantly evolving in an effort [...]

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Motorola Rebate: Buy 6 Radios and Pick Your Free Reward

From March 1st until June 30th, 2014, Motorola is rolling out a deal on its two-way radios that you shouldn’t pass up on. When you purchase a minimum of six of the same series radios, you get to choose an extra piece of technology. You can choose radios from any of the following series: CLP, CLS, DTR or RM [...]

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing Two-Way Radios for Business Use

For years, companies around the globe have been benefiting from using two-way radios as their primary means of communication between supervisors and staff. What used to be the communication mode of choice and necessity for public safety workers and emergency personnel has now moved into the business, industry and manufacturing sector. Two-way radios go where cell phones can't, perform more [...]

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Announcing the Kenwood PKT 23k Protalk

One look at Kenwood's PKT-23 ProTalk two-way radio will leave you wondering how Kenwood could pack the power it does into such a small, pocket-sized communication device. Small doesn't mean puny in the case of the PKT-23 ProTalk. Weighing in at just 3.9 ounces and standing at a proud but stubby 3.3 inches tall, this little radio easily fits inside a [...]

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