6-Shot-Slim-Blackbox GO! 6 Unit Multi Charger


6-Shot-Slim-Blackbox GO!
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6-Shot-Slim-Blackbox GO!

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Product Description

6-Shot-Slim-Blackbox GO! 6 Unit Multi Charger


Includes power supply and 6 charging pods compatible with Blackbox-GO! radios


  • Easy-Swap Interchangeable battery pods

  • Rapid Charger
  • Charges Nicad, NiMH, Li-ion and Li-Poly batteries
  • Heavy duty durable design of polycarbonate plastic
  • 15V 900mA charge power per station
  • Agency approvals: UL, CE, CUL.
  • Charge just the battery, or with the radio attached
  • Includes 6 pods for Blackbox GO! radios

What others think about the 6 Shot Slim 6 Unit Multi Charger?

I love that this product charges multiple radios at once and can be catered to many different kinds of radio. Being able to charge the battery or the radio is very convenient because I can put extra batteries in the chargers and switch them out or bring them along as backups without worrying about being short a unit for the day. It works quickly so I can keep the charger on site and charge batteries or radios throughout the day.