Blackbox LUNCHBOX-UHF-DP DMR Repeater

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Product Description

Blackbox LUNCHBOX-UHF-DP DMR Repeater

Digital UHF repeater features Auto-switching frequency technology 

No need to reprogram existing radios, the Lunchbox uses the same transmit and receive frequencies. 

The Lunchbox provides 8 watts of power (double what most handheld radios offer), and uses auto-switching technology! This ensures instant communication without delay, and without the need to reprogram any of your radios to use a repeater.


Features :                                                        Includes :

  • Digital Repeater
  • 400-470 mhz UHF 
  • 8 watts output power
  • 24,000 mAh battery
  • 12 pounds
  • Auto-switching frequency technology
  • 1024 channels
  • 248 zones
  • Lunchbox Repeater in waterproof case
  • Direct Power Source Converter
  • Power cord