FCC Licensing Process

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Our FCC Licensing Process

  1. We Gathering Information about Your Operation
    Preparing to License outlines the important information about your radio system that we gather before you contact a frequency coordinator.
  2. Frequency Coordination
    Frequency coordinators are FCC certified to recommend the most appropriate frequencies for applicants in the designated Part 90 radio services. Applications for new frequency assignments, changes to existing facilities or operation at temporary locations must include a showing of frequency coordination.
  3. We Complete and File Your Application
    New applications and other actions which require frequency coordination are normally filed with the FCC through the recognized frequency coordinator. Other actions such as minor modifications or administrative updates may be filed with the FCC through the Universal Licensing System (ULS).
  4. How Long Is The Process
    There are two ways to begin immediate operation of your system. The FCC implemented a licensing procedure for Conditional Authority in 1995. You may begin operating your system 10 days after your application is filed with the FCC. In addition, you may apply for a Special Temporary Authority to operate during emergency or other urgent conditions without filing a license application.
  5. We Will File a Notification of Construction
    A licensee must notify the Commission that its system is constructed and placed into operation within 12 months of the date of grant or their license will automatically cancel. (See 47 CFR 90.155(a)). Notification is made by filing FCC Form 601 through ULS (Purpose Code: NT). You may also request an extension of the construction period through Form 601 before the expiration of the construction period. This filing must be made within 15 days of the expiration of the applicable construction period. (See 47 CFR 1.946 (d)). You may also request an extension of the construction period through Form 601 (Purpose Code: EX) before the expiration of the construction period. (See 47 CFR 1.946(e)).
  6. We Monitor and Let You Know When Its Time to Renew Your License
    You must file for renewal of your license no later than the expiration date of your license period, and no sooner than 90 days prior to expiration by filing FCC Form 601 (Purpose Code: RO) through ULS. (See 47 CFR 1.949).