GB-45SR Accessory Speaker Connecter for Motorola Mobile


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Product Description

GB-45SR External Speaker Adaptor Motorola Mobile CDM CDM1250 CM200D CM300D VHF UHF 


Alternate Part Number: HLN9457


20-pin latching accessory plug mates with radio.

60" red ignition sense lead.

3.5mm female receptacle for connection of an external speaker.


Pre-wired for Ignition sense and speaker.


Combatible with: 

CDM750, CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550LS, CDM1550LS+ and PRO series.

Also for CM200D, CM300D, XPR2500.


Not for connection to accessories other than a speaker.  

Compatible with passive speakers only (i.e.: not powered or amplified speakers).

Do not ground either side of speaker.

Radio's internal speaker remains active, at reduced loudness, with external speaker connected.

Internal speaker loudness will vary dependent upon external speaker impedance.

With a 22-ohm external speaker, the loudness of internal and external speakers will be approximately equal.

With a 4-ohm or 8-ohm external speaker, most of the audio will be directed to the external speaker and it will be much louder than the internal speaker.

The internal speaker may be completely disabled, if desired, by unplugging it inside the radio.  Refer to radio service manual for control head removal instructions.


Connect radio main power leads to a constant (un-switched) power source.

Connect this cable's single red lead to a fused +12V ignition source and program radio to enable ignition control.

Radio turns on & off automatically when vehicle is turned on & off.