ICOM A120 Air Band Mobile


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Product Description

ICOM A120 Air Band Mobile -In Stock!!


Air band mobile that introduces two new features - Active noise cancelling and Bluetooth capable when UT-133 board is installed



  • A120 VHF Airband mobile
  • HM-216 Hand Microphone
  • OPC334 DC power cable
  • Mounting bracket kit
  • Fuses
  • Microphone hanger kit



Key Features:


Built in active noise cancelling built in and reduces background noise with received and transmitted signals. Effective in extremely noisy airport environments. Active noise cancelling reduces pulse type noise such as engine ignition.

When the UT-133 Bluetooth unit is installed, the A120 can be used with a third party wireless bluetooth headset. When paired with VS-3 bluetooth headset, the side tone function is available.


The dual-watch function checks the priority and operating channels alternatively. The ON-Hook scan function automatically starts scanning when the hand microphone is hooked on the microphone hanger. When you take the microphone OFF hook, the scanning stops at the priority channel or displayed channel (according to the pre-programming).
The side tone function allows you to monitor your own transmitted voice via the connected headset. Even when using a hand microphone, your voice can be monitored from the headset. (Requires OPC-817A adapter for headset)
  • 200 memory channels
  • 12 and 24 volt compatible
  • 36w RF output power
  • Dual watch
  • Priority Scan
  • PC programmable
  • IP54 dust protection and water resistance

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fbt product https://www.hitechwireless.com/icom-k220a-aviation-mobile-antenna