Icom CY5300 VHF Analog Digital IDAS Repeater


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Brand: ICOM
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Product Description

Icom CY5300 VHF Analog Digital IDAS Repeater


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All in one plug and play digital analog repeater

36-174MHz VHF 50W, IDAS repeater, analog and digital with internal power supply.



  • 50W output power
  • 32 channels
  • VHF 136-174 MHz
  • 19" mountable rack
  • Utilizes IDAS UR repeater mode
  • Internal 110/220VAC power supply
  • Auto battery backup
  • DB-25 connector
  • Fan
  • Three shielded data ports
  • N-type bulkhead RF connectors
  • Built in grounding stud
  • 80 CFM heavy duty cooling fan



Internal Duplexers available (not included, verify your required channel spacing and frequency range)



The CY5000 offers multiple configurations when adding the UC-FR5000 trunking and network controller board. These configurations are ideal for industries such as education, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and logistics, utilities, construction, oil and mining

Installing and programming a UC Board into the CY repeater can transform the CY from a conventional repeater into a trunked repeater system for a single site. Any IDAS subscriber digital radios are ready to operate on conventional or trunked digital radios for easy configuration choice. Single Site Trunking is ideal for a large area of operation with multiple groups and users.


The UC and CF-FR5000 02 card in a CY can be configured to a voting receiver, which is best for radios that cannot reach transmitters in areas of poor coverage. Once a signal is received at the voter, it is then transferred via IP to the repeater which then transmits the strongest signal. Voting allows the extension of indoor or underground communication which would benefit industries such as education, healthcare and hospitality.


The CY can be built to a 48-site, 30 channels per site trunked system that are linked via IP. Users have the ability to roam between sites and the administration of users into fleets of users. To unlock these capabilities, install the variant CF-FR5000MT card onto the UC slot. This is ideal for operations with multiple talk sites and fleets such as construction, mining, education, transportation and logistics.



  • CY5000 VHF Repeater
  • OPC-510 AC power cable