ICOM F6400D 01 IDAS UHF Mobile Radio


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ICOM F6400D 01
Brand: ICOM
Manufacturer Part #:
F6400D 01
1024 w/ 128 zones
Output Power:
High Resolution LCD Display
380-470 MHz
Digital Conventional:
IDAS built in
Digital Trunking:
Upgrade Available
Built in
Built in
Programmable Keys:
Waterproof rating:

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Product Description

ICOM F6400D 01 IDAS UHF Mobile Radio


The new generation IDAS mobile has dozens of new features, and functions are included all in one new small form factor size. Features like SD Card, USB interface and Bluetooth appear for the first time in this land mobile product.A brilliant color display allows for easy observation of critical information, in the dimmest of light to the brightest of sunshine. Icom is the choice when you want to take your communications to the next level.


The high-resolution color LCD enhances the visibility both in nature and indoor lighting. Clearly labeled function and menu items make it easy to understand icons and characters. The night mode LCD setting is an alternative for use in night time or low lighting conditions. The glass is scratch resistant to protect from cracks and scratches.


The F6400D allows the user to configure the radio three ways to suit almost any application or installation requirement. The intercom function is available between controllers and/or COMMANDMIC.


The new COMMANDMIC is an identical physical layout and user interface as the F4400D. By installing in into a vehicle it allows a secondary remote control of the F6400D.



  • Analog/digital conventional mixed mode operation
  • 380-470 MHz UHF
  • 50W Output Power
  • Upgrade to Type-D trunking
  • Upgrade to Type-C trunking (coming soon)
  • Status
  • Text message
  • Radio check
  • Stun, kill and revive
  • Call alert
  • Remote monitor
  • Hands-free communication with built-in Bluetooth
  • Safety features: emergency button, lone worker function, and power OFF emergency function
  • Transparent data modem can transmit data at 9600bps over the radio
  • Send up to 100 character text messages
  • Programmable alerts can vibrate when a specific user calls
  • Channel voice announcement
  • USB port to connect to a PC
  • Active Noise Canceling
  • Built-in 2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS & MDC1200 in analog
  • D-SUB 25-pin ACC connector with programmable functions
  • Built-in 20W audio amplifier for connecting with external public address systems
  • Tactical group function
  • Normal, priority and voting scan


Other Details

Channels 1024 w/ 128 zones
Output Power 50W UHF
Display High Resolution LCD Display
Frequencies 380-470 MHz
Digital Conventional IDAS built in
Digital Trunking Upgrade Available
LTR Built in
GPS Built in
Programmable Keys 7
Waterproof rating IP55