ICOM VE-PG3 Radio Over IP Gateway


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Product Description

ICOM VE-PG3 Radio Over IP Gateway


Designed to enhance the communication coverage of a radio network and the convenience of radio usage by leveraging IP networking technology with ease of implementation


Radio over Internet Protocall (RoIP) transmits and recieves radio communications using Internet Protocall, similar to Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) with Push to Talk functionality.


The VE-PG3 has two modes; converter mode and bridge mode. The converter mode converts radio audio into VoIP/analog phone calls and allows interconnection between connected equipment. The bridge mode connects two or more radio sites over an IP network and received radio audio is bridged to opposing radio sites of the network. The bridge mode can connect dispersed radio sites over the network and can provide cross band, cross category communication.


Converter Mode

The VE-PG3 has built-in RoIP, SIP gateway, IP router and IP PBX functions all in one box. As shown in the figure below, the VE-PG3 integrates digital/analog radio sites into SIP and analog phone systems and interconnects calls between the connected users. The CT-24 digital voice converter converts analog audio and G.711μ IP phone codec to the AMBE+2TM codec for the IDASTM radio system. The CT-24 is required to connect an IDASTM radio site with other system users.


A radio user (both IDASTM and analog* radio user) can initiate phone calls using DTMF code and can connect to other users via an IP phone or PSTN line**. Phone users can make individual calling and group calling to the IDASTM radio site. In the analog radio site, called users are subject to the fixed calling configuration of the connected radio.


The optional RC-FS10 remote communi-cator creates an IP-based virtual radio on a PC and works as simple dispatch station. The RC-FS10 can be used with an IDASTM NXDNTM system and analog radio system via the VE-PG3.


The VE-PG3 has two external equipment connectors for audio input/output and other switching. Public address system, siren, warning light and other external equipment can be connected to the VE-PG3.


Bridge Mode

The bridge mode bridges between radio sites over an IP network. The figure below is an example of bridge mode configuration, the Site A radio user can talk to the Site B radio user.

When the IP network system is compatible with IP multicast routing, three or more VE-PG3s can be connected in the bridge mode and provide site-to-multisite radio communication. As shown in the figure below, the Site A radio users can talk to the Site B and Site C users simultaneously

The mixing function mixes the bridged audio to the other bridges. It can provide site-to-multisite type communication even on a network which does not support IP multicast routing.

Cross band/cross category connection is possible between VHF/UHF land mobile, marine VHF and air band frequencies. Optional audio connection cables allow you to connect a transceiver or repeater easily.

Included :
  • BC-207S AC Adapter
  • Ferrite core
  • Quick Connectors
  • Virtual Serial Port Software CD