Impact G2W-I7 Cable Only Gold Series Surveillance Style Headset


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Impact G2W Cable Only Gold Series Surveillance Style Headset


The "Workman Grade" 2 wire kit includes our new full size in-line Push-to-Talk (PTT) microphone with clothing clip and metal screen mic.


The G2W 2-wire surveillance kit earpiece offers users the option of holding the Push-To-Talk (PTT) and microphone in their hand or worn on their shirt collar. This 2-Wire kit is more covert and less obtrusive than the 1-wire and a great accessory solution for customer or guest facing employees in various applications including hotel and hospitality, healthcare, security and school campuses.

The Unique Snaptight™ feature allows the user to select from 12 different, and fully interchangeable earpiece options creating the most cost-effective, versatile and hygienic solution on the market.



  • Medium-sized Push-To-Talk (PTT) with large microphone screen for crystal clear audio
  • 12 interchangeable earpiece options
  • Rugged anchored Kevlar™ reinforced cables for superior strength and durability
  • Straight cables for easy cable concealment under clothing
  • Mesh screen covered mic
  • Ultimate hygienic and versatile solution
  • 2 Year Warranty



Price listed includes cable and connector option only - For ear options click here


Twelve different Impact 2 wire wear exampleinterchangeable ear options provide a hygienic, versatile, and cost effective accessory solution. Ideal for hospitality, retail, light security and sporting applications.

The exclusive Snaptight connector allows you to easily clip on the ear option of your choice, and with a pull force of over 10lbs it's certainly not a weak spot!.

The ultimate solution for the budget conscious user who refuses to sacrifice quality!... 

Impact Connector Chart   Impact Connector Chart pdf

For Kenwood Earpiece and Connector G2W

For Motorola Earpiece and Connector G2W

For Vertex Earpiece and Connector G2W