Impact S1W-AT3 Single Wire Surveillance Kit


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Product Description

Impact S1W-AT3 Single Wire Surveillance Kit with Screw in Acoustic Tube

In response to requests for a quality yet budget friendly product option, IMPACT now offers our new cost effective Silver Series ear pieces.

Designed specifically with budget in mind, the Silver Series is intentionally less robust than Gold and Platinum products yet still offers fantastic audio quality with reliable components and is the ideal accessory solution when low cost is the main issue.

Most suited to hospitality, light sporting and recreational use, the Silver Series carries a 6 month limited warranty.

Features :

  •  Soft Flex cabling
  •  Mini in-line PTT
  •  6 month warranty


What others think about the Impact S1W-AT3 Single Wire Surveillance Kit?

This earpiece has excellent audio quality, and the cost is perfect for service industry professionals who want a solution to having to constantly unclip a radio from their belt throughout the day. The soft cable is comfortably worn under clothing so that it won’t snag on passing tables. Also, the push-to-talk button is on the line so you can lift it right up to talking height without it being in your face all the time.