Midland 75-785 Durable Handheld CB Radio


MID 75-785
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Product Description

Midland 75-785 Durable Handheld CB Radio

The perfect fit for users who need a reliable, rugged handheld radio

Ideal for hunters and motorcycle riders, this CB radio will keep you in short-range contact with your group though harsh conditions. Power this mobile unit with the included DC adapter, 9 AA batteries, or rechargable NiCad batteries. You can also attach standard headphones using the 3.5mm accessory plug.

Use on job sites, hunting camps, or car pools where short-range communication (under one mile) is acceptable. However, you can attach the Midland 75-785 to a mobile CB antenna using a BNC connector, which will increase your range.

Features of the 75-785:

  • Maximum FCC Output Power 4 Watts
  • High and Low Power Adjustment
  • Battery Power Save Circuitry
  • Automatic Noise Control and Automatic Gain Control
  • Easy to Read LED Channel Display
The Midland 75-785 comes with:
  • Handheld CB Radio
  • Removable Antenna
  • Owner's Manual