Motorola PMMN4149 RM110 Speaker Mic 3.5mm


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Motorola PMMN4149 RM110 Speaker Mic 3.5mm

Introducing the Motorola RM110 Remote Speaker Microphone, model PMMN4149, purposefully designed for use with Motorola R2 two-way radios. This remote speaker microphone is equipped with a convenient coiled cord, optimizing your radio's operational flexibility by enabling seamless message transmission and reception without the need to remove the radio from the belt or carry case.


Enhancing usability, the PMMN4148 features windporting technology for clear communication in challenging weather conditions. The coiled cord adds maneuverability, and the device is equipped with a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, ensuring quick and efficient communication. The microphone back includes a clothing clip for secure attachment to shirts or collars. Additionally, a 3.5mm Audio Jack allows for easy connections to listen-only accessories. Compatible with Motorola R2 radios, this remote speaker microphone is the ideal solution for reliable and effective communication in various environments.


Conquer adverse weather conditions with confidence, as the windporting technology not only facilitates clear communication but also prevents water from obstructing the microphone, resulting in consistently clearer transmissions. Stay connected and communicate with precision, even in challenging situations.