MOTOTRBO R2 Portable Two-Way Radio Digital UHF


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Product Description

MOTOTRBO™ R2 Portable Digital UHF Two-Way Radio

Introducing the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ R2 Portable Two Way Radio - Streamline your work processes and enhance efficiency effortlessly! Engineered for ultimate performance, the R2 is your go-to companion for minimizing downtime, ensuring smooth operations with its user-friendly interface, ergonomic design, and seamless transition from analog to digital functionality. Embrace simplicity and power in one package, as the R2 offers unparalleled ruggedness and adaptability, boasting essential MOTOTRBO features tailored to your daily business needs.

Choose from UHF or VHF variants, both equipped with 64 channels, superior audio quality, and an extended battery life. With a remarkable output of up to 4 watts (UHF) or 5 watts (VHF), the R2 guarantees exceptional coverage for flawless voice communications across diverse business landscapes. Plus, its repeater capability paves the way for extended coverage as your enterprise expands and flourishes.


Elevate your communication game with the R2's array of cutting-edge features, including:

  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • Enhanced Privacy (available in digital mode)
  • Fully compliant with DMR standards and narrowbanding regulations
  • MIL-Spec rated (C, D, E, F, G, H) and IP55 certified for dust and water resistance


Package Includes: 

    • Motorola MOTOTRBO R2 UHF or VHF Digital Portable Two Way Radio
    • 2100 SLIM 
    • Antenna
    • AC Desktop Charger
    • AC Power Adapter
    • Spring Action Belt Clip
    • Owners Manual
    • Generous one-year manufacturer warranty


 Manufacturer's part #: AAH11YDC9JA2AN


Key Features of the Motorola MOTOTRBO R2:


          • 64 Channels for Seamless Communication 
          • UHF Frequencies (400-480 MHz) for UHF Model / VHF Frequencies (136-174 MHz) for VHF Model
          • 4W UHF / 5W VHF Output Power for Reliable Connectivity
          • Repeater Capable for Extended Coverage
          • TLS-PSK CPS/RM - Radio/Repeater Authentication
          • Dual Capacity Direct Mode for Enhanced Efficiency
          • Extended Range Direct Mode for Wider Coverage
          • Dual Priority Scan to Stay Connected
          • Emergency Alert Feature for Rapid Response
          • Advanced Privacy Options, including Analog Scrambling and Enhanced Digital Privacy
          • Innovative Acoustic Feedback Suppressor (Digital Feature) for Crystal-Clear Audio
          • Canned Text Messaging (Digital Feature) for Quick Communication
          • User-Selectable Audio Profile for Customized Sound
          • SINC Noise Suppression to Filter Out Background Noise
          • Automatic Gain Control and Received Audio Leveling for Optimal Sound Quality
          • Call Alert and Channel Scan for Efficient Communication
          • Basic and Enhanced Privacy Features for Secure Communication
          • Transmit Interrupt (Digital Feature/Decode) for Priority Messaging
          • Remote Monitor (Decode) for Monitoring Conversations
          • Radio Disable/Enable (Decode) for Enhanced Control
          • Lone Worker Feature for Safety Assurance
          • Quick Call II / MDC1200 Capable for Versatility
          • LED Status Light for Easy Monitoring
          • Selectable Power Levels for Enhanced Battery Management
          • Low Battery Alert to Keep You Informed
          • 2 Programmable Keys for Personalized Functionality
          • Home Channel Reminder for Seamless Navigation
          • Adjustable Gain to Fine-Tune Audio
          • Voice Announcement for Hands-Free Interaction
          • Drop-In Charge Capable for Convenient Charging
          • IP55 Water and Dust Resistance for Durability
          • Audio Accessory Connector for Enhanced Compatibility
          • Meets MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F, G, and H Ratings for Ruggedness
          • 0.5W Internal Speaker for Clear Audio Output
          • TDMA Technology for Efficient Spectrum Usage
          • DMR Standards Compliant (Digital Feature) for Industry Compatibility
          • Backed by a Comprehensive One-Year Manufacturer Warranty for Peace of Mind


Upgrade your business communication with the exceptional Motorola MOTOTRBO™ R2 Portable Two Way Radio. Seamlessly melding reliability, innovation, and user-centric design, the R2 is your gateway to enhanced productivity and seamless connectivity. Elevate your work experience today!