OTTO V2-S2CM11111 Storm Speaker Microphone

OTTO V2-S2CM11111
Brand: OTTO
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Product Description

OTTO V2-S2CM11111 Storm Speaker Microphone

Storm with coiled coaxial cord, 2.5mm earphone jack, emergency button

The highest performance level speaker microphone available on the market today, the Storm speaker microphone is compatible with a variety of radio makes and models and features a contoured design and multi-function buttons. Also compatible with SCBA devices, it is ideal for first responders in immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) situations.

Features :

  • Immersion rated with earphone jack seal closed, fully sealed per IP68 standard: tested to withstand submersion in 1 meter water for 31 minutes
  • Larger push-to-talk (PTT) with positive tactile feedback
  • Samarium cobalt high output speaker for improved voice intelligibility
  • Push-button volume control
  • 3.5mm earphone jack isolated from main housing for seal integrity
  • Contoured design for easy handling
  • Field-replaceable belt clip

x10.pngCompatible with ICOM F3061S, F3061T, F3062S, F3062T, F3063S, F3063T, F30G, F30GS, F30GT,  F3101, F3161S, F3161DS, F3161T, F3161DT, F3162S, F3162DS, F3162T ,F3162DT, F3163S, F3163DS, F3163T, F3163DT, F31G, F31GS, F31GT, F4061S, F4061T, F4062S F4062T F4063S, F4063T F40G F40GS F40GT F4101, F4161S, F4161DS, F4161T, F4161DT, F4162S, F4162DS, F4162T, F4162DT, F4163S, F4163DS, F4163T, F4163DT, F41G,  F50, F50V, F51, F51V, F60, F60V, F61, F61, MF61V, F70DS, F70DT, F70S, F70T, F80DS, F80DT, F80S, F80T, M87, and M88 radios