PRYME SPM-1410 Patriot Light Weight Behind the Head Headset


PRY SPM-1410
Brand: PRYME
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Product Description

Pryme SPM-1410 Patriot Light Weight Behind the Head Headset

PATRIOT SPM-1410 Series - Light Weight Behind-the-head headset with noise-cancelling boom microphone and earphone 

The Patriot is a behind-the-head headset that is a breeze to wear! The noise-canceling flexible boom microphone provides clear transmit audio while the loud single-ear speaker lets incoming signals be heard. Has an inline Push-to-Talk button and features a jack for an optional remote PTT accessory

The SPM-1410 uses an ICOM multi pin connector

Features :

  • Rugged, medium duty behind-the-head headset with flexible boom microphone
  • Adjustable, padded headset allows for ideal fit and maximum comfort for long hours of use.
  • Noise canceling boom mic
  • Rugged polycarbonate PTT housing for maximum durability
  • High-quality speaker allows for ideal receive audio.
  • Remote PTT allows for multiple uses in the field.
  • Reinforced strain relief gives unit maximum durability


Compatible with :

ICOM F30G, F30GT, F30GS, F31G, F31GS, F31GT, F40G, F40GS, F40GT, F41G, F50, F50V, F51, F60, F60V, F61, F70, F70S, F70DT, F80, F80DT, F80S, M87, M88, F3061, F4061, F3061, F3161, F4161