PRYME SPM-2300-BFM8 Braided Fiber 2 Wire Kit for TLK100


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PRYME SPM-2300-BFM8 Braided Fiber 2 Wire Kit for TLK100


Surveillance Kit with noise reduction mic. Separate cable allow mic & PTT to be conveniently and discreetly located


New braided fiber SPM-2300-M8 a 2-wire style surveillance kit with a clear acoustic tube earphone. If the cable ever breaks or fails from normal use, PRYME will replace the entire headset for FREE! The SPM-2300BF series features a lapel-style microphone with a stealth clothing clip that can either be secured to the user's clothes or dropped down a shirt sleeve. The earphone features PRYME's TWIST CONNECT locking mechanism, which makes it easy to replace or remove the tube and earphone for cleaning or sharing.



  • Custom made Braided Fiber cable is soft, comfortable and resists tangling
  • TWIST CONNECT acoustic tube assembly for hygiene and multiple users
  • This is an extremely rugged 2-wire surveillance style acoustic tube headset (for single wire please consider the SPM-1300 series)
  • Newly designed mic housing uses high quality transmit capability
  • Reinforced earphone clip provides excellent cable retention and eliminates strain on the earphone
  • Covert PTT clip attaches to lapel, coat, sleeve, as required by user


prymem8.png Motorola TLK100 and SL300 series radios