PRYME Trooper SPM-2100-M8AMP Heavy Duty Speaker Mic for SL300


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Product Description

PRYME Trooper SPM-2100-M8AMP Heavy Duty Speaker Mic for SL300


TROOPER®- AMPLIFIED Speaker Microphone (Rain Resistant) w/ Replaceable Cable and 3.5mm earphone jack. M8 connector for Moto SL300, SL500, SL400, SL7550 and TLK100


The Trooper SPM-2100 is a heavy-duty speaker microphone with a high impact resistant, rubber sealed housing. The speaker microphone head has a large PTT button that is easy to activate with gloves on.




picture2.png M8 connector for Moto SL300, SL500, SL400, SL7550 and TLK100


Every aspect of the Trooper features heavy-duty construction practices. Polyurethane jacketed microphone cable with ample strain relief and an impact resistant, rubber sealed, poly-carbonate housing, prepare the Trooper for a long product lifespan, of heavy-duty use, in wet environments.


The Trooper has a large Push-To-Talk switch, on the side speaker microphone, that extends over the top and can be easily activated while wearing gloves. The Trooper has a spring loaded metal reinforced clothing clip that can rotate a full 360 allowing the user to wear the Trooper securely with most types of uniforms.


The Trooper has a high quality electret condenser-style microphone element that transmits clearly. The Trooper also has a powerful speaker that provides ample sound.


For added privacy, the Trooper also has and a 3.5mm earphone jack that allows the user to privately listen to their radio, and provides a clean and professional look.


Features :

  • Replaceable cable - replace damaged cables or swap for compatibility
  • Professional quality, water-resistant, remote speaker microphone
  • Rino super rugged cabling
  • Rubber sealed housing for heavy-duty use in wet environments
  • High-quality speaker and mic elements provide clear audio on both transmit & receive
  • Large PTT switch
  • Metal reinforced 360° rotating clip
  • 3.5mm accessory jack allows connection of earphone
  • 3 year warranty



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What others think about the Pryme Trooper SPM 2100-M8AMP Heavy Duty Speaker Mic?

I walk around a lot on a job site and it can be difficult to juggle a clipboard, tools, AND a radio while constantly on the move. This microphone is a life saver in that department. I can clip it onto any shirt or uniform and the clip makes it easy to adjust for speaking into it comfortably so that I can talk into it without removing it or twisting around. The push-to-talk button extends over the top of the microphone, making this unit easy to use in any weather or any work environment, even with gloves.