Ritron RQA-152M Quick Assist VHF Call Box


Ritron RQA-152M
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Product Description

Ritron RQA-152M Quick Assist VHF MURS Wireless Call Box


The Quick Assist wireless callbox provides a fast and easy way to boost customer service, control costs and improve efficiency

The Quick Assist is a RITRON Wireless Callbox Transmitter, specialized for indoor retail or commercial use, and pre programmed to transmit a custom recorded "Assistance Needed” message when the Message push button is pressed for customer assistance. Personnel know from these message transmissions in which specific areas a customer needs assistance.
The Quick Assist is easily programmed to transmit on either an existing or a new radio frequency, with the most popular sub-audible coded squelch formats, such as Quiet Call or Digital Quiet Call. This enables all your personnel with two-way radios to hear the voice messages instantly.
The Quick Assist can be installed in a wide variety of indoor locations, and it’s six internal AA Alkaline batteries will power the unit for about a year, the Quick Assist does not require AC line power.
  • 150-166 MHz VHF MURS license free
  • 1 Channel
  • 1W power output
  • Internal radio transmitter
  • User recorded voice messages
  • Records up to 24 seconds
  • Runs off 6 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Automatic low battery message
  • One year factory warranty
Provides prompt customer service 24 hours a day
Keeps your staff connected and your customers satisfied. Your customers get prompt assistance without having to search for a staff member. Permits efficient use of store personnel.
Easy installation or relocation to any sales area
The Quick Assist is battery operated, very compact and can be mounted to virtually any surface. Completely wireless so there are no cables or wires to install, it's even weather resistant for outdoor use