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​Featured Radio: Midland 75-822 40 Channel Hand Held CB Radio


You don’t hear a lot about CB radio since the advent of cell phones. When a person mentions the term, “CB radio,” it is often in conjunction with the term, “trucker.” While it is true that CB radios are most frequently used by truckers, when you look at the reasons why they use them, you will see that many of these uses will come in handy for anyone.

Why CB Radio?

CB radios are great for anyone who has to do any travelling in the normal course of the day. You can use the radio to find out about traffic conditions and hazards in your area. You can also report emergencies. Another great thing about a CB radio is that it will work even if you have no cell phone service. Finally, a CB radio can also be used for general communication with others in your area. A whole lingo has even been invented for CB radio use. Seasoned hobbyists and newcomers to CB radio have a lot of fun just shooting the breeze as they learn the code.

The Midland 75-822 40 Channel Hand Held CB Radio

Whether you are just starting out with CB radio technology or you are someone who has been a user for years, the Midland 75-822 40 Channel Hand Held CB Radio is a great radio. It carries the maximum amount of channels and highest output allowed by the FCC. You can use it wirelessly with an AA battery power pack or you can choose to plug it in to your vehicles power jack.


The Midland 75-822 has some pretty cool features. First, it is small. This makes it easily transportable and makes it unobtrusive when you are using it in your car. Its size also makes it a great option for bikers because it doesn’t take up very much of the limited space on a motorcycle. The radio mounts easily and is compatible with Midland headsets that allow you to use the radio virtually hands-free.

This radio has a nice LCD display that is easily readable at any time of day. You can use a scanning mode that will skip through the available channels and look for any with activity. When it finds an active channel, the radio holds on it for five seconds so you can choose whether or not you want to continue listening.

The Midland 75-822 has a memory function so if there are particular stations in your area that you like to listen to, you can store them and go to them instantly without having to search all 40 channels. Regarding channels, this radio allows you to immediately access the emergency, weather, and informational channels at any time. You can also continuously monitor the channel nine emergency station while you monitor some other channel as well. Finally, this radio has a feature that allows you to lock your keypad settings so that they will not be changed accidentally.

CB radios are not just for truckers. They are excellent tools for anyone who wants to stay informed about their local area. Pick one up, get yourself a “hook,” and you may soon learn that you are hooked.