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​Motorola CLS1410 vs. Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio


Two-way radios are essential for any group of people that needs to be in constant communication in a particular area. Many businesses drastically increase the productivity of their workforces by setting up a two-way radio system. If you decide to set up a two-way radio system for your business, you should consider either the Motorola CLS1410 or the Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio as potential options for your preferred technology. Both options are lightweight and easy to use and either would be a good choice.

Motorola CLS1410

The Motorola CLS1410 two-way radio weighs in a 4.5 oz making it the lighter of the two options. However, it also has less power at 1 Watt. 1 Watt will still get you a 5-mile range though, and this is usually more than satisfactory.

This two-way radio operates on one channel using 56 frequencies. This makes the radio reliable and private while offering great sound clarity. Regarding privacy, this radio has optional vibration alerts for when none of its three potential call tones would be practical.

The Motorola CLS1410 has a battery life of up to twelve hours and when it needs a recharge you just drop it in the charger and go. The keypad locks so you don’t lose settings and you can clone settings from radio to radio with an accessory. This radio is warrantied for 1 year.

Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio

The Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio weighs in at 5.8 oz but has 1.5 Watts of power. It has 6 channels with 56 different frequencies. The TK-3230 is very durable as it is built using military standards.

The Kenwood radio comes with 10 tones for alerting employees. It can run on two different power settings for increased battery life. This radio gets 18 hours before it needs a recharge. The charger for this radio is also drop and go and it recharges the battery in two and a half hours.

One of the more innovative features of the Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio is its wireless cloning capability. You can take any of the radios and turn it into a master radio that will clone all of its settings on to any of the other radios in the area. This radio is warrantied for 2 years.

Two Good Choices

Whether you are in the retail business, running a restaurant, managing hotel staff or keeping students safe at school, a two-way radio system helps to get the job done effectively and efficiently. When you are considering between the Motorola CLS1410 or the Kenwood TK-3230 Two-Way Radio you are getting a good value either way. The prices are comparable, with the Motorola costing a few bucks more, but either way, you will be happy with the purchase. With the Motorola, you get less weight and a slightly clearer sound quality. With the Kenwood, you get durability, more power, more channels and a longer warranty. However, if you use your radios at multiple different job sites and constantly have to clone settings, the Kenwood would likely be a better choice for you with its wireless cloning technology.