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Motorola Rebate: Buy 6 Radios and Pick Your Free Reward


Motorola Rebate 2014

From March 1st until June 30th, 2014, Motorola is rolling out a deal on its two-way radios that you shouldn’t pass up on. When you purchase a minimum of six of the same series radios, you get to choose an extra piece of technology. You can choose radios from any of the following series: CLP, CLS, DTR or RM series. The reward can be either a radio of the same series, an earpiece or a charger. You can use the deal up to 10 times (that’s 60 radios and 10 free gifts).

All of the models are ergonomic, have great quality audio and batteries that last surprisingly long. Pick your favorite:

  • CLP Radios- The baby of the bunch. Fits in your palm and still packs a punch. 100,000 sq. ft. range.
  • CLS Radios- Still compact but allows you to use up to 56 frequencies and four modes for channels. 200,000 sq. ft. range.
  • DTR Radios- The monster of group calls. You can use this beast for up to 25 groups using 50 separate public IDs. Has the longest range of any of the radios (350,000 sq. ft.)
  • RM Radios- The name of the game here is reliability with a battery life that won’t quit. These radios have a voice alias feature that lets you individually customize channels for each radio. 250,000 sq.ft. range.
  • Extras- An extra radio or a free charger is great, but don’t automatically cast aside the earpiece. With the earpiece, you can use the radio without using your hands by utilizing the earpieces “push-to-talk” ability. Even better, with the earpiece no one else in the area has to hear your conversation.

You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to empower your workforce. It won’t last forever.