Endura EC12M-TWP-MT3D Universal Twelve Bank Charger


Endura EC12M-TWP-MT3D
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Product Description

Endura EC12-TWP-MT3D Universal Twelve Bank Charger for CP200D

Count on Endura's high quality models to properly charge your radio’s battery every time. Endura chargers are smart because they prevent over-charging, while providing automatic re-charging when a radio remains powered-on. They’re adaptable because the charger base can be updated for use with other radios simply by replacing the charging pod

The Endura EC12M is an ultra compact twelve bank charger, that is still saves on space thanks to the dual charge cup design. With pod installed, charges two batteries with or without radio. Replaceable pod allows future use with different radios / batteries.

The EC12M-TWP-MT3D has been pre-configured to be compatible with Motorola CP200D and PR400 series radios

Rapid charges NiCd, NiMH, and Li-Ion batteries based on charging pods selected. Replaceable pods allow use with different radios/batteries. Charge batteries on or off of the radio, and status led confirms charging in progress, charging 80% complete, and fully charged status.

Includes six TWP-MT3D dual charging pods and power supply with cord

Features : 

  • Flashing LED gives charging status
  • Can charge NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, and LiPo batteries depending on selected charging pods
  • Charging pods are available for hundreds of different radios
  • 12 month warranty
  • EC12M includes AC to DC power supply. and six dual charging pods. 
  • Accessories available for in-vehicle use : TWC6M-HW and EC6M-MB
  • Batteries in either front or rear postition may be charged while on or off the radio. Pods may be mixed to allow charging of different radio models


twpmt3d-f.jpgCompatible with Motorola CP150, CP200, CP200D, CP250, EP450, PR400 series radios