Motorola CP200d-UD UHF Digital Portable Radio


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UHF 403‐433 MHz
Adjustable Power Level:
1W /4W
Call Tones:
Quick Call II
VOX Capable:
Analog / Digital:
IP Rating:
IP 54
Included Battery:
NNTN4497 Li Ion 2250 mAh
Included Antenna:
PMAE4016 403-433 MHz UHF Whip Antenna
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Product Description

Motorola CP200d-UD UHF Digital Portable Radio AAH01QDC9JA2ANklein3yearwarranty.jpg

 with High Capacity Battery

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The new Motorola CP200d supports both Analog and Digital operation on a per channel basis. The CP200d Motorola newest 2-Way radio is simple and affordable, the CP200d portable two-way radio connects your workforce efficiently and has the flexibility to grow with your business. The CP200d is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected and best of all it's fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the CP200d has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more.



  • Adjustable power levels 
  • Switch between analog and digital calls
  • UHF 403-470 MHz
  • 4 Watt
  • Tri-color LED
  • 2 Programmable side buttons
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Rugged Die-Cast chassis
  • Single Priority Scan
  • Quick Call II
  • Large Push to Talk Button
  • IP54 rated



Digital Technology

In digital mode, the CP200D maintains high audio quality across your entire site, even while at the maximum range of your coverage area. Digital radios also have built-in noise cancelling filters for background noise, error correction that eliminates static, and automatic gain control that instantly adjusts volume for clear output.

While operating in fully digital mode, the number of simultaneous conversations you can have is doubled. The CP200D can be programmed two channels per frequency to fit twice as many calls into the same spectrum (Dual Capacity Direct Mode)


IP54 Rated

Dustproof and splashproof  for protection in challenging environments


Transmit Interrupt Capability 

Enables a supervisor to interrupt a CP200d user to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it's needed


Dual Capacity Direct Mode

Utilize the power of the 2-slot TDMA DMR standard to double the capacity of your 12.5 kHz channel without the need for a repeater


Voice Announcement

The radio will play pre-recorded audio when you switch channels, press a programmable button, or to alert you of a low battery. These recorded audio files can be customized to your organization uploaded to each radio



  • AAH01QDC9JA2AN - CP200d UHF Digital Radio
  • NNTN4497 2250 mAh High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • PMPN4173A Rapid Charger
  • PMAE4016 MHz UHF Whip Antenna
  • RLN5644 Belt Clip
  • 3 year warranty
  • Option to Swap Whip Antenna for PMAE4003 Stubby antenna



Other Details

Frequency UHF 403‐433 MHz
Adjustable Power Level 1W /4W
Call Tones Quick Call II
VOX Capable Yes
Analog / Digital Digital
IP Rating IP 54
Included Battery NNTN4497 Li Ion 2250 mAh
Included Antenna PMAE4016 403-433 MHz UHF Whip Antenna
document CP200dOperatingManual.pdf