ICOM F62D Waterproof UHF 400-470 MHz IDAS Handheld


Brand: ICOM
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512 w/ 128 zones
IDAS Built In
Programmable Keys:
6 Keys
Waterproof Rating:
Bluetooth Built In

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Product Description

ICOM F62D Waterproof UHF 400-470 MHz IDAS Handheld


Small and lightweight, the F62D series comes with dozens of modern features and functions, submergibility, vibration alert, and voice recording/playback for up to 8 minutes.




  • BP-290 Battery
  • MMB-3 Belt Clip
  • Owner's Manual
  • Three year warranty


New features include built-in Bluetooth, a continuous 20-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob that’s tilted for easy access, better dot-matrix display with status icons, and OTAP.



  • 512 channels w/128 zones
  • 5W
  • 400 - 470 MHz UHF
  • Voice recording/playback (up to 8 minutes)
  • Programmable vibration alert
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • Voice announcement (channel number and zone)
  • Backlit LCD and buttons
  • 20-position rotary selector and ON/OFF volume knob
  • Emergency key
  • Man down function
  • Lone worker function


BC219N charger and FASC25U antenna separately (charger and antenna not included)


When pre-programmed 2-tone, 5-Tone, MDC, and/or IDAS signals are received, the radio can vibrate with enough force to be felt through clothing.

Turn on and off the recording manually (with a button) and it will automatically record every incoming call and every transmission from that time forward for up to eight (8) minutes. The F62D series also allows users to program the radio to automatically record all RX and TX all the time, and old messages will delete when the memory is full. Push a pre-programmed button on the radio allowing you to hear the last message.

For emergency situations the F62D series includes an emergency key and four emergency functions: man down, motion detection, stationary detection and lone worker. The motion/stationary sensor sensitivity level is programmable in 10 levels for each function.


The F62D series provides NXDN CAI-based IDAS digital model operation in IDAS conventional and multi-site conventional


An IDAS conventional IP network can extend communication coverage, letting you connect dispersed sites and allows you to communicate like a single site.  With an IDAS conventional IP network system, it is possible to have radio communications all the way from the basement to the top floor, all in stable digital audio. Already deployed LAN cables can be used in an in-building solution

IDAS MultiTrunk extends Icom's single site trunking system to multiple sites. Although IDAS MultiTrunk builds on the technology of IDAS Multi-site Conventional, it is a huge leap in capabiltiy. With IDAS MultiTrunk the advantages of trunking are enabled across many sites separated by great distances for operations that are large and geographically dispersed

AMBE+2 vocoder compression requires only about 13kbps bandwidth per one voice path in theory. It means a DSL class line is sufficient for the IDAS conventional IP network. The IDAS conventional IP network. The IDAS conventional network system requires only one fixed IP address in a group of networked repeaters


IDAS Features :

  • IDAS conventional
  • IDAS single-site and multi-site TYPE-D trunking option
  • AMBE+2 vocoder
  • Analog/digital mixed operation
  • Over-the-Air Programming with manager software
  • Over-the-Air Alias (OAA) sends own name with a call
  • Over-the-Air Update (OTAU) changes the repeater channel data and site
  • code over the air (Type-D trunking)
  • Individual, group call
  • Status call and polling
  • Short data message
  • Transparent data mode



Other Details

Channels 512 w/ 128 zones
Output 5W
Programmable Keys 6 Keys
Waterproof Rating IP67
Bluetooth Bluetooth Built In