ICOM IC-9700 Tri Band HF Base Station


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ICOM IC-9700
Brand: ICOM
Manufacturer Part #:
9700 12

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Product Description

ICOM IC-9700 Tri Band HF Base Station


High-Speed Real-Time Spectrum Scope, Waterfall Display, and Built-in 1200 MHz


The IC-9700 is an all mode Tri-band transceiver, covering 2 m, 70 cm, and 23 cm. In addition to the traditional SSB, AM, FM, CW, and RTTY modes, the transceiver also incorporates D-STAR (Digi-tal Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) DV and DD modes.



  • Tri band receiver covering 2m, 70cm, and 23cm
  • Three antenna connectors, one 144mhz, one 430/440mhz, and 1200mhz
  • RF direct sampling
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Independent receiver full duplex operation
  • Audio scope
  • D-STAR operation


The IC-9700 can simultaneously receive on two different bands, and two different modes. For example, you can receive on the 1200 MHz band in the SSB mode while receiving on the 144 MHz band in the FM mode. This function can be a significant advantage when participating in contests or searching for weak signals. Furthermore, the IC-9700 is Full Duplex, which enables you to transmit on the main band while receiving on the sub band. The DR function can be used on both the Main and Sub bands simultaneously to listen to two separate DV signals. Moreover, by using the DD mode, you can browse the Internet through a repeater station.


MENU screens enable you to navigate settings and functions with a simple touch. The expanded menu provides quick access to the Satellite and D-STAR functions. Additionally, a touch on-screen keyboard is available for entering alphanumeric memory channel names



This is the first time for an Icom VHF/UHF transceiver to have a real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display comparable to an HF high tier transceiver. With the high speed spectrum scope, you can instantly see the operating band condition. With a simple touch of the scope, you can tune the radio to the desired signals frequency.


Making good use of the Audio Scope function, various audio characteristics, such as microphone compressor level, filter width, notch filter width, and keying waveform in the CW mode can be monitored. Transmit or receive audio can either be displayed on the FFT scope and the oscilloscope




  • IC-9700 radio
  • HM219 hand microphone
  • DC power cable
  • Owners manual