ICOM IC-R30 16 Receiver


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ICOM IC-R30 16
Brand: ICOM
Manufacturer Part #:
R30 16

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Product Description

ICOM IC-R30 16 Receiver 


Blocked receiver handheld w/dual receive & dual band recording



  • High speed scan
  • Dual band operation
  • Built in Bluetooth
  • Built in GPS
  • Android and iOS apps available
  • Cellular frequencies blocked
  • IP57 rated
  • 2.3" large LCD with intuitive user interface
  • Band scope function
  • Speech function reads out operating frequency and mode
  • 8-character channel names
  • DTCS and CTCSS tone squelch
  • RF gain control (10 steps)
  • ATT function (3 steps)
  • Key lock function
  • Monitor function
  • Power save function


Covering 0.1–3304.999 MHz, the R30 portable receiver gives users the ability to decode multiple digital modes, as well as, traditional analog mode


The R30 can receive on different bands and different modes. For example, users can monitor HF and UHF signals simultaneously. The R30 also allows users to scan for other active channels on the B band while receiving the main signal on the A band.

Individually record the audio of the two bands received while in the Dualwatch mode onto a microSD card (not included) in the WAV format. Play back the recorded audio on the receiver or a PC. In addition, frequency, mode, S-meter reading, time, current position data and altitude can be saved with received audio.


The R30 scans approximately 200 channels per second in the A band and 150 channels per second in the B band. Quickly find and lock in to a desired signal.


The integrated GPS receiver displays your current position data, course, speed and altitude on the display. Save the GPS data in recorded audio files. The R30 can list up to 50 stations approximately 100 miles from your current location, as long as the station’s position data is programmed in advance in the memory channels