ICOM R9500 02 Communications Receiver


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ICOM R9500 02
Brand: ICOM
Manufacturer Part #:
R9500 02

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Product Description

ICOM R9500 Communications Receiver


A high-end professional communications receiver for wideband monitoring, signal detection, spectrum analysis, recording received signals, and more



  • 0.005–3335MHz wideband coverage
  • +40dBm 3rd order intercept point and 109dB dynamic range* (*At 14.1MHz)
  • Multi-function high performance spectrum scope
  • ±0.05ppm high frequency stability
  • ±3dB* accuracy of dBμ /dBμ (emf)/dBm meter (*10 to 70dBμ signal between 100kHz to 3335MHz at 25°C)
  • SSB / CW /AM mode auto tuning function
  • Optional P25 digital mode reception
  • Professional grade operation, functionality and build


The IC-R9500 wideband coverage 0.005-3335MHz in SSB, AM, FM (WFM), FSK, and P25, suitable for a wide variety of radio monitoring and listening activities. (P25 requires optional UT-122 digital unit - not included)


A digital IF filter allows the operator to adjust the filter shape (sharp or soft), filter bandwidth, and center frequency characteristics. The digital twin PBT narrows and shifts the IF passband to efficiently eliminate undesired signals.


The IC-R9500 achieves amazing performance by using a D-MOS FET array in the 1st mixer (below 30MHz) and an excellent IMD roofing filter. The IC-R9500 has +40dBm IP3 and 10 9 dB dynamic range at 14.1MH z. IP 3 performance is +9.8dBm at 50MHz and +6.2dBm at 620MHz (+5dBm (typical) from 30MHz to 3335MHz).


The IC-R9500 has 5 independent roofing filters (240, 50, 15, 6 and 3kHz) for improved selectivity. In very crowded RF spectrum conditions, it is extremely important to protect against strong in-band signals. The IC-R9500 incorporates two independent, 32-bit floating point DSP units, a dedicated DSP unit for receiver functions and another for the spectrum scope. By using the power of two independent DSP units, the radio can respond to operator changes in an instant.


The IC-R9500 has four different spectrum modes such as normal/wide and center/fixed width. The normal spectrum scope covers a range from ±2.5kHz to ±5MHz, while the wide band spectrum scope observes up to ±500MHz. When using the normal spectrum scope, the digital scope’s filter width can vary from 200Hz to 20kHz with a variable sweep speed. The peak search function automatically moves the display marker to the strongest signal on the scope screen.



  • AS power cable
  • Carrying handles
  • RCA plugs
  • DC power plug
  • ACC plugs
  • Speaker plugs
  • Spare fuses
  • Owners Manual