Impact HD3-PRSM-M15 Speaker Microphone


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Product Description

Impact HD3-PRSM-M15 Speaker Microphone

Compatible with Motorola SL300 series radios

Amplified version built super tough to withstand heavy use in demanding environments

Crystal clear audio, standard 3.5mm accessory jack, Kevlar re-enforced coil cabling and dust, water, vibration and wind resistant.

Features of the HD3-PRSM-M15 :

  • Professional grade
  • Amplified version of HD3-PRSM
  • Environmental PU cable with Kevlar re-enforcement
  • High quality components for superior audio
  • Heavy duty strain relief
  • Wind, water, impact & dust resistant
  • Standard 3.5mm accessory jack
  • Three year warranty


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What others think about the Impact PRSM-HD3 Speaker Microphone ?

Bad weather is impossible to predict, and can cause frustrating problems with your job-related equipment. However, this weather-proofed microphone really holds up under any kind of strain. When working an outdoor job, it’s difficult to tell if you’ll need to put away your equipment for fear that it will be ruined. I don’t worry about that with this microphone and that saves a lot of time on the job. It’s convenient to have a microphone, and putting it away when it’s not necessary is irritating; this microphone is an excellent solution.