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Kenwood Radios


            HiTech Wireless offers a wide selection of wireless products from reliable and reputable wireless radio names including Kenwood, one of the largest manufacturers in personal entertainment and communication equipment. 

            For decades, Kenwood has effectively used its size to leverage its advantages over competitors. In fact, almost all homes that have a decent home theatre system have heard of the brand Kenwood. The company was made popular by building the first ever audio/video amplifier back in 1981. Then almost 20 years prior to the invention of the amplifier, Kenwood has grown to be a market leader in the fields of car entertainment and communications. Today, the company’s name is synonymous to quality, performance and value.

            Upon entering the amateur radio market in 1975, Kenwood has found its niche by making quality its core competency. Unlike competitors who continuously looked for ways to bring down their prices, Kenwood refused to compensate the quality of its products for a mere cost saving of a few dollars. This uncompromising dedication to quality has been the cornerstone of the loyalty of consumers that have stuck with the brand ever since the early years. 

            Kenwood’s attention to detail and passionate drive to create market-driven products makes the company capable of giving consumers what they want even before they know that they want it. This unique combination of assets is what keeps the company ahead of the pack and a clear market favourite.