OTTO V2-G3ER321 Genesis II With Coiled Cord, Emergency Button, Accessory Jack


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OTTO V2-G3ER321 Genesis II With Coiled Cord, Emergency Button, Accessory Jack  

The Genesis II speaker microphone’s advanced audio construction transmits and receives exceptionally — even under the most extreme conditions. Compatible with a variety of radio makes and models, the Genesis II was designed with direct input from fire professionals. It is ideal for immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) situations such as underwater rescue operations and is the preferred choice of police, fire, SWAT and EM T services, maritime law enforcement and military forces because of its light weight, superb audio clarity and durability.


  • Removable front grill to easily wash away dirt and debris
  • A dual grill which provides immersion & high pressure water seal
  • Immersion rated, fully sealed per IP68 standard: tested to withstand submersion in 1 meter water for 31 minutes
  • Large snap-action PTT button to accommodate fire gloves and other protective gear
  • Reduced gain on microphone that helps reduce ambient noise
  • Speaker always remains active
  • Durable design and construction to meet MIL-STD-810 specs
  • Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications
  • Clothing Spring clip which can be positioned 360 degrees
  • Optional Watertight (plugged or unplugged) accessory connector
  • Optional emergency button and top mounted antenna connector
  • Optional accessories including Throat microphones, Skull microphones, Ranger headset and others

Compatible with Harris radios: P5300/5350/5370/P 5400/5450/5470/P5500/5550/5570/P7300, SERIES 7370/7350/XG75/XG25/XG1

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