5/8 Slim Duck 155 VHF High Gain Antenna


5/8 Slim Duck 155
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Product Description

5/8 Slim Duck 155 VHF High Gain Antenna


5/8 SLIM DUCK Super efficient VHF antenna show a OMNI directional 6 dbd gain flexible base loaded antenna, manufactured tough enough for the military and aesthetically pleasing for the consumer.

Sealed in synthetic rubber and utilizing the Tuned Antenna's one piece NT-MIL Space Age covering system (strong and flexible). This flex coil matching network provides at band center low SWR as well as a + - 5 MHz band center. The antenna is tuned at 155 MHz as the band center, and will perform between 150 - 160 MHz. Length 9.5"


Includes base - Click here for info on antenna base compatibility


Features :

  • 50 Watts max power
  • Impedance matched to the portable
  • Exterior exclusive NT-mil covering
  • Highly efficient copper plated steel cable
  • Nickel plated brass base