Impact DBLBO dB Buster OSHA Compliant Elbow Filter


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Impact DBLBO dB Buster OSHA Compliant Elbow Filter

An option on all standard coil and straight acoustic tube products

By converting any loud noise to a safe sound level of 80-85 dB, IMPACT dB Busters provide smart hearing protection,with no electronics and no moving parts that can fail. These exceptional elbow filters block dangerous high dB sound transmitted through your radio ear piece, while still allowing you to hear safe sounds and normal level radio transmissions.

IMPACT dB Buster ear plugs and elbow filters use the accelerated resonant decay principle to convert sonic energy into thermal energyby means of compression acceleration.

In plain English, this means dB Busters bounce part of the dangerous incoming noise back out of your ear, and that piece of sound partially cancels out the incoming noise, reducing it to a safe volume level. The louder the dangerous noise, the more of it that gets automatically cancelled out. As a result, no sound over approximately 85 decibels is allowed to passthrough the filter into your ear.

Includes 1 DBLBO dB Elbow Filter

Available in blue, red and white