OTTO CT-00265 Connect 265 Supervisor Wireless Intercom


OTTO CT-00265
Brand: OTTO
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Product Description

OTTO CT-00265 Connect 265 Supervisor Wireless Intercom

Hands-free Full-duplex wireless communications for demanding environments - Perfect for Construction, Road Crew, Mining and Manufacturing applications

OTTO Connect is a fully conversational system that enables hands-free communication among teams of people. Supports hands free communication on a single channel.
Features :                                                                  
  • No FCC license required
  • 6 Channel Intercom
  • 8 speakers per group
  • Multi Group Capable
  • Priority feature
  • 3.5 inch removable antenna
  • Operates in 900MHz range (902 -928 MHz) 
  • Hirose locking headset connector
  • Mini-USB charging port
  • Two internal rechargeable 3000 mAh li-poly batteries
  • Dynamic switching master unit, requires no base station
  • Digital signal processing
  • Up to 8 speaking users per synchronized group
  • Unlimited listeners
  • Locking headset connector
  • 500mW maximum output
OTTO Connect wireless intercoms provide up to 18 hours of talk time in a variety of demanding applications and environmental conditions. The digital signal processing technology provides ambient noise reduction in high-noise environments. Operating in the 900 MHz frequency range, OTTO Connect offers excellent performance in environments where other intercoms fail, including better performance through walls, in rain and over greater distances
Optional Fusion accessory - Communicate with work teams around the world by interconnection with existing cellular networks and two way radio networks