PRYME Defender SPM-1230s Replacement Earpiece D-Hook w/Lapel Mic


PRY SPM-1230s
Brand: PRYME
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Product Description

Pryme Defender SPM-1230s Replacement Earpiece D-Hook w/Lapel Mic for Icom

The Defender is an innovative, earpiece providing comfort and privacy during radio communications. Features quick disconnect and a D-style earhook that helps keep the earphone in place during normal activities. 


Fits ICOM Multi-pin radios including:  F33G, F-51,   F-61, IC-3GT, IC-F14, IC-F21BR, IC-F21GM, IC-F24, IC-F3021, IC-F3021T/S, IC-F31, IC-F3GS, ICF4021, IC-F402IT/S, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43TR, IC-F4G, IC-F4GS, IC-F4GT, IC-V85, IC-F3031S, IC-F3033S, IC-F3036S, IC-3230D, IC-4031S, IC-F4033S, IC-F4036S, IC-F4230D, IC-F1000, IC-F2000


  • Rugged Lapel Microphone with Surveillance style D-Hook earpiece
  • Patented swivel earpiece provides lon lasting strain relief
  • High quality Electret Condenser Mic produces excellent transmit audio
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing for excellent durability
  • PTT Button w/Dual Switch Technology
  • Designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water
  • Heavy duty cable assembly with strain relief for demanding applications


The Defender is available for a wide range of radio models.