Pryme PICO-USBC-BF Surveillance Kit with PTT Button


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Product Description

Pryme PICO-USBC-BF Surveillance Kit with PTT Button


NEW PICO with USB-C Connector Surveillance Kit with "SMART" PTT Button. BRAIDED FIBER with noise reducing mic element for phones and tablets



  • USB type C compatible plug
  • Custom made Braided Fiber cable is soft, comfortable and resists tangling
  • 2-pin SNAP connector lets you change earpieces easily, yet is extremely secure and rugged
  • Extremely rugged single-wire cable for lapel and surveillance use
  • Newly-designed mic housing contains custom microprocessor, power switch, PTT button and phone button
  • Thick, Braided Fiber radio cable with metal clamp retention eliminates strain on the wires inside the cable
  • 360 degree rotating clip on PTT/mic housing attaches to lapel, coat, uniform, as required by user



Ideal for those wishing to use PTT apps on cell phone and tablets. Most push to talk devices do not support external ptt accessories, and have to rely on bluetooth to make PTT functionality possible. The PICO device has its own software inside that makes it function like a regular wired PTT device.


The PICO PTT works just like a normal PTT, push to talk and release to listen. There is no battery to charge and the PICO does not add any battery drain to your phone or tablet.



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